Curry Products

Dinesh Curry Powder Unit is situated at Kanhira in Kannur. The taste and quality factors along with cost effectiveness drives customers into purchasing Dinesh products again and again. Our products are Spice powders like Chilly, Coriander, Turmeric and Pepper Mixed Curry Masalas like Sambar Powder, Pickle Powder, Chicken and Meat Masalas, Rasam Mix etc. The consumable products that are manufactured at Dinesh abide by the quality standards as specified by the Central Govt. agency AGMARK, and is tested and approved with the agency symbol for the genuineness of the product. As per the international standards and the norms specified by the Govt. of India, food products with Agmark are considered to be safe and healthy for consumption. With Dinesh Product Agmark comes with guarantee for consumption of healthy food products. Each and every product are scrutinized and tested for examining the composition of ingredients that make up the product, before they are delivered to the consumer market. The food manufacturing and production are done under the factory premises that are famous for their international industry standards. Food safety officers are summoned to inspect the ingredients composition in each batch of the manufacturing unit to promote healthcare and wellness. These products are later despatched to the Govt. Lab for further inspection and it is only after passing the Govt. certification for quality tests, that these will be preceded for packaging. This is a momentum of pride for Dinesh group as in the entire Kerala there are only a few units to have received the honor of this quality certificate. Apparently, the certifications do not end here as Dinesh food have been certified by FSSAI, AGMARK quality certifications and also have ISO 9001 , SA 8000 Certifications to its trophy.

Curry Powder Available

Pepper Powder :- 50 gm

Turmeric Powder :- 100gm , 250gm , 1kg , 5kg

Coriander Powder :- 100gm , 250gm , 500gm , 1kg , 5kg , 10kg

Chilly Powder :- 100gm , 250gm , 500gm , 1kg , 5kg , 10kg

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Curry Masala Available

Sambar Powder :- 100gm , 250gm , 1Kg

Chicken Masala :- 100gm , 250gm

Meat Masala :- 100gm , 250gm

Rasam Mix :- 100gm

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