Monthly Report 3

2015-12-18 03:51:59

 The communist government that carne to power in the newly formed state of Kerala in 1957 favourably responded to the demand of the workers. A scheme to set up 14 beedi cooperatives in the important beedi manufacturing centers of the state was drawn up following the recommendations of the Tripartite Cornrni t tee for the Beedi and Cigar Indus try ( 19 58) 21 • Of the 14 cooperatives at least three were based in Cannanore district in the towns of Cannanorer Tellicherry and Neeleswararn. There is hardly any information regarding the working and performance of these cooperatives. But the available information indicates that the experience was not very encouraging22 . The cooperatives had very inadequate resources and they were too small to compete with the large beedi producersr who dominated the market. The marketing of beedis was done by the beedi workers themselves. Though they attempted to improve the working condition of the workers and provide some token payments as non wage benefits to their workers they were unable to register any significant achievements;;). The dismissal of the left government in 1959 also resulted in reduction of government commitment to the beedi cooperatives, especially in terms of financial support, and they gradually wound up one after the other. Despite these inadequacies some cooperatives, like those in Cannanore and Neeleswaramr continued to survive up to the seventies.